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Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Reporting

Anti-Discrimination Statement

We recognize that providing equitable care requires ongoing learning about student experiences, attentiveness to our own beliefs, emotions, and behaviors, and a culture of growth and inclusiveness. Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) at the University of California Santa Barbara is committed to providing equitable care without discrimination or harassment against any person receiving or seeking care on the basis of race; color; national origin; citizenship or immigration status; ancestry; religious or spiritual beliefs and practices; age; body size; attractiveness; sex; gender, including stated gender identity, name, pronoun, gender expression, or gender transition status; pregnancy; current or previous use of contraception or abortion care; socioeconomic status; criminal record; physical, mental, or other disability; medical condition or overall health; personal or family medical history; marital or relationship status; sexual orientation; military connection, including protected veterans and families; status as a survivor of interpersonal violence; or perception of any of the above protected characteristics.

UCSB Title IX Office


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