Counseling & Psychological Services

(805) 893-4411 - M-F 8:30am to 4:30pm

Getting Started at CAPS

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How to Get Connected at CAPS

When you are ready to meet with a therapist, please  come to our main office or call 805.893.4411. The easiest way to get connected is to come in for a Brief Assessment (15 minutes) and discuss your needs with a clinician. These Brief Assessment sessions are available on a drop-in basis, meaning there may be a wait depending on how many other students are waiting to be seen. In the brief screening, you will meet with a clinician so they can help determine what sort of appointment best suits your needs in that moment (e.g., brief individual psychotherapy, a medical evaluation at SHS, group psychotherapy, or a referral to the community for longer term treatment). We want students to be able to see a clinician if they are concerned about their own safety. If you would like to request a specific therapist (or you have specific requests regarding gender, culture, etc.), please let someone know - either during your first appointment or at any time by requesting a Change of Therapist form at the front desk. 

You are welcome to call 805.893.4411 if you have any questions.

For subsequent appointments, if you would like to check/cancel your CAPS appointment, please log in to the CAPS Open Communicator.  Open Communicator cannot schedule an appointment for you - please call CAPS or come into our main office to schedule an appointment. 

Please visit the About CAPS section for information regarding the no show/late cancellation policies and fees, and the Fee Waiver form.

Additional Services

24 hours a day, you may also call 805.893.4411 to speak with a clinician who will assist you with your concern or crisis.

Faculty, staff, or friends who are concerned about a student or desire assistance in making a referral are encouraged to contact CAPS at 805.893.4411 to speak with a psychologist for guidance in this process.

Phone consultation is available evenings, weekends, and holidays by calling 805.893.4411.  For life threatening emergencies or if anyone is in immediate danger, please call 911.  

For more information about emergency services, please go to our Crisis Information page.

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