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Spring 2017 Workshops

Workshops title spring 2017


Although continuity is beneficial, workshops do not require a weekly commitment. While signing up is not required, you will receive additional information if you do choose to sign up. Please note that some workshops require a pre-screen.


Creating Community: A Support Space for Graduate Students of African Heritage
Meridith Merchant, Ph.D.
Mario Barfield, Psy.D.

Mon 3-4:30pm 
(MCC Lounge)

Join in a discussion of the unique challenges commonly experienced as a graduate student of African Heritage. Relieve stress. Be empowered. Be encouraged. Celebrate successes. Share ideas for maintaining a work-life-school-home balance.

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Empowerment Circle
Melissa Cordero, Psy.D.
 Thurs 2:00-3:00pm
(for location, please contact Diana Valdivia at:

This is a Dream Scholar group focused on finding empowerment and strength through community and unity. During unsettling times, it is important not to lose hope or be silenced. This is a safe space to help process the complexities of being undocumented and receive support.

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Good Grief: Managing Life After the Loss of a Loved One
Meridith Merchant, Ph.D.
Wed 4-5pm 
(SRB Room 2293)

Join with other students who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Receive support as you hear others talk about similar feelings, share your story, as well as learn ways to deal with loss in a safe and supportive environment.

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Join in a supportive, safe space for all Asian/Asian American (South, South East, East) Pacific Islander identified students. Participants will learn ways to balance personal multicultural identity, psychological health, and well-being with family dynamics, social expectations, and cultural heritage. AAPI students will have the opportunity to talk about these and other topics they have in common.
*Prescreen preferred

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Nuestra Comunidad:
Finding Our Strength In Community

Carla Corral, Ph.D.
Ozzie Espinoza, M.A.

 Thurs 2-3:30pm 

This weekly dialogue provides a safe space for ChicanX/LatinX students to share, learn, and support each other and recognize and develop their strengths. This group will explore the role that cultural heritage plays in psychological and academic wellbeing. ChicanX/LatinX students will have the opportunity to talk about culture and diversity, family, identity, belonging, financial literacy, healthy relationships, navigating the university, and what it means to be a ChicanX/LatinX  college student.  
*Prescreen required
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