What is the Mental Health Peer Program (MHPP)?

The Mental Health Peer Program’s mission is to increase knowledge about mental health topics and resources and decrease the stigma attached to mental health. Our 21 peers are passionate about helping all students thrive, offering a variety of resources for education, prevention, and intervention. The Mental Health Peers (MHPs) are trained in basic counseling skills and provide students with support, basic stress management techniques, and peer advising on stress-related or mental health-related issues and concerns. 

The Massage Chairs

The MHPs have four massage chairs available for student use. Our massage chairs combine air, heat, vibrations, and rollers to create a full-body, relaxing massage. They release tension and increase circulation which can ease general body pain, headaches, cramps, and reduce your stress. By relaxing and easing your muscles, you can feel refreshed and ready to take on the world!
To use the massage chairs, please visit the CAPS main office (Building 599) and check in at the front desk. 

The Alpha Wave "Egg" Chair

The Egg Chair, as it is known on the UCSB campus, encourages a state of relaxation, calm, and rest, and helps students feel refreshed and energized. The Egg Chair is in a quiet, private room where students can watch relaxing films on a full-screen TV and listen to calm music with the chair's surround sound speakers! This is a great space for students to practice relaxation and meditation, as well as stress management techniques. 
To use the Egg Chair, please visit the CAPS main office (Building 599) and check in at the front desk.

Drop-In Support

The MHPs are available during business hours for drop-in support for those who are curious about CAPS and MHP resources, those who are struggling, other those who want to help a struggling friend/family member but don't know how to start the conversation. We can assist students in learning techniques to cope with stress, talk to loved ones, and get connected to appropriate resources. 

School Anxiety Program (SAP)

The university is a high pressure setting, which can cause students to feel anxious. Students who experience anxiety related to school may feel like their test taking abilities, motivation, concentration, sleep, and stress levels are impacted. The School Anxiety Program (SAP) includes up to three 1-hour long sessions - the first session is a group workshop. This workshop can be followed by two optional one-on-one sessions with a MHP which focus on time management, coping, and relaxation. To participate in SAP, please visit our calendar and attend any of the SAP workshops that work with your schedule. You will have the option to request the individual sessions at the end of the workshop.

SAP has been found to be helpful because:

  • It can be useful for students experiencing mild to moderate anxiety before and/or during an exam - including problems with sleep, motivation, concentration, memory, and stress.
  • It can help identify causes of anxiety, teach skills that reduce physiological symptoms, and challenge the student's thought processes. 
  • It can teach skills that will help students tackle challenges throughout their lives.


The Mental Health Peers offer workshops and seminars regularly throughout the year on topics such as stress reduction, relaxation, healthy relationships, and how to start the conversation about mental health. Visit our calendar to see upcoming workshops.

Additionally, workshops are available by request (both on and off campus) for organizations and groups of 10 or more people. We can cater pre-existing workshops towards the group's needs or create a new workshop to address the concerns of particular communities. Check out our Meet The Peers page to see the diverse interests represented by our peers. 

Please submit a workshop request at least 10 business days prior to the requested date.


Have a question that wasn't answered? Stop by the MH Peer office or call (805) 893-4411 and ask to speak to a Mental Health Peer! You can also email us! 

Contact Us

Phone: 805.893.4411 (24/7)

Monday, 9am to 4pm
Tuesday, 9am to 4pm
Wednesday, 10am to 4pm
Thursday, 9am to 4pm
Friday, 9am to 4pm
Hours may vary. Please follow @UCSB Mental Health Peers on Facebook for any schedule changes. 

The Mental Health Peer office is located in the CAPS Main Location (Building 599)


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