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Isla Vista Tragedy

Healing from the Isla Vista Tragedy

For those of you returning home after finals or moving on from UCSB, you may find that family and friends who do not share your deep connection to our campus community may not be as sensitive to your emotions around the Isla Vista tragedy, or other difficult events this year, as you would have hoped.  We encourage you to continue to reach out to your campus friends and networks for on-going support.  You are also welcome to call us at UCSB Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS). Our number is available 24/7 at 805.893.4411.

-    Still around campus? Continuing students may utilize CAPS as needed. June graduates may utilize CAPS over the summer for up to three visits. Social Work Services (located in Student Health) is also available for community referrals.

-    Students attending summer school at other UC campuses, and/or who live near other UC campuses, may utilize the Counseling & Psychological Services programs at those campuses. Most UC CAPS offices are offering a free session and referral service to students affected by the Isla Vista tragedy. Be sure to identify yourself as being part of UCSB.

-     It is important to realize that healing from this type of trauma will take time.  Exercise, talking about the incident, healthful eating, and rest will help.  Surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family who understand the nature of what you have been through is also helpful.

-     The State of California Victim’s Compensation fund, in addition to providing compensation to direct victims, may also be available to help those who were in situations where they could have been injured, or where there was a direct threat of physical injury to them. If a person qualifies, funds may be accessed to help with physical or mental health care. This is not limited to UCSB students – and may be particularly helpful for those who have graduated, those who need longer-term follow-up care or to community members. For more information, please contact Susan Lord in the SB District Attorney’s Office at 805.884.8019.

Every week CAPS has a Grief Workshop on Mondays at 4pm at the SRB (OSL Conference Room 2293, Second Floor) with Dr. Merchant and Chelsea Stevenson. You do not have to be enrolled to participate in the Grief Workshop. Please review our Grief Resources section for more information on how to cope with any feelings of grief and loss that you and/or others may be experiencing. 

The Student Emergency Resources website includes up-to-date Academic Advising and Financial Aid information, as well as a list of easy-to-access counseling resources.


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