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May 20, 2016

Dear Students,

We hope that during the final weeks of spring quarter, you’re finding ways to stay healthy and balanced. We wanted to take a moment to remind you that Student Affairs is dedicated to supporting you during your time here at UCSB.  

Spring quarter has unique challenges. We know that the end of the academic year can be stressful as you complete classes or even your academic career here at UCSB. Next week marks the 2 year anniversary of the events of May 23, 2014 that left us in mourning for six deceased students, and 13 injured. Those who were here may feel challenged as you continue to mourn and honor the loss.  Other unexpected challenges or losses may also occur and compound current stress. For some, depression and/or thoughts about suicide may arise during this time when the stakes feel higher. We are sharing our experience so that you know you are not alone if you are struggling. Creating balance and maintaining proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep are all first steps in regaining and sustaining your physical and mental wellbeing. If you find that you are in need of additional support, you can reach out to the resources listed below or help a friend access support.

  • Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS): For individual counseling, group counseling, and wellness opportunities, call 805-893-4411 or stop by the Counseling and Career Services Building (599) to talk with someone or make an appointment. We also have 24/7 phone counseling available by calling 805-893-4411. Find additional information about our services on our website: CAPS is open 8:30-4:30pm M,T,Th and Fri, and Wednesdays 10-4:30pm. If you have a crisis or an urgent matter, you can walk in to CAPS for a same-day appointment and ask to meet with a psychologist.

    • #saysomething phone app – This app provides mental health information about the warning signs of distress and how to talk to a friend and campus resources It is available to download on your phone at 

    • Mental Health Peers – If you feel more comfortable talking with a fellow student, trained Mental Health Peers are available at CAPS. No appointment is necessary, just drop in  Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm. They can also arrange for you to relax in our massage chairs. Follow them on Facebook for updated hours, announcements, and mental health related information:

  • Student Health Services (SHS) – For medical concerns, call 805-893-5361 or access the website at To access the 24/7 Nurseline, please call 1-800-539-1387.
    - Social Work Services – for appointments, please call 805-893-3087.

  • Alcohol and Drug Program (ADP) – If you are concerned about your own or your friend’s use of alcohol or drugs, call 805-893-5013 or access the website at You can also call 805-893-3371 to make a confidential appointment with a counselor.

  • Campus Advocacy Resources & Education (CARE) – This program anticipates and responds to the needs of students impacted by stalking, sexual assault, harassment, dating/domestic violence and provides confidential advocacy and support. Confidential advocates are available 24/7 at 805-893-4613. Learn more at

  • Student Mental Health Coordination Services (SMHCS) – If you have a friend who you are concerned about and not sure what to do or they are refusing help, you can contact the SMHCS office at 805-893-3030.

  • Disabled Students Program (DSP) – If your symptoms are interfering with your ability to perform academically, call 805-893-2668 or access the website at

  • Academic Questions: For concerns related to academic progress, please contact your respective college.

  • College of Letters & Science: 805-893-2038, 1117 Cheadle Hall (check website for office hours:

  • College of Engineering: 805-893-2809, 1006 Harold Frank Hall 

  • College of Creative Studies: 805-893-4146, 104 CCS Building 494 

  • Graduate Division: 805-893-2277,, 3117 Cheadle Hall

  • Emergency or imminent threats: If you ever have immediate concerns about someone’s life or safety, please call 911.

We are here to support you as you finish up this quarter and academic year. If you or someone you know is experiencing distress, please contact us. We are dedicated to helping make UCSB a healthy campus community!

We urge all students to take advantage of these resources to manage stress, anxiety, or depression that may be affecting you. The good news is that treatments for these challenges are highly effective and are available right here on the UCSB campus, or off-campus, if you prefer. Our goal is to keep all Gauchos mentally fit!


Margaret Klawunn, Ph.D.                                              Jeanne Stanford, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs                              Director, CAPS


Welcome to CAPS!

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is committed to providing timely, culturally appropriate, and effective mental health services to our diverse UCSB student body, as well as professional consultation to faculty, staff, and families. 

All registered students are eligible for services at CAPS. When help is needed in sorting out a personal concern, CAPS is a resource for learning new skills in building self-confidence, relating to others, reducing stress, solving problems, and identifying options. 



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