Brian Olowude

Executive Director; Psychologist

Syracuse Master in Public Administration; CSPP Fresno, Ph.D., Cross-Cultural Clinical Psychology

Main CAPS Building

Welcome to UCSB Counseling Center. I am honored to be serving in the role as Director of a dynamic and caring center. Before becoming Director, I served as UCSB CAPS Associate Director of 2 years and prior to that role, I served as Coordinator and Training Director for Fresno City College Psychological Services for 10 years, where I oversaw the clinical care of students and the Clinical training of Pre-Doctoral Interns. As a Cross-Cultural Psychologist, I have long been dedicated to issues of social justice and mental health equity. I strive to provide a supportive and respectful setting for both student and staff. My commitment to Social Justice and Community were instilled in me by my grandmother, and Mother, who were both forces of nature when it came to serving those in need. Some of my earliest memories include helping others alongside them. As a first-generation College Graduate, I understand the power that education has to transform one’s life, and I am passionate in making sure all students are afforded the resources needed for support and success. I firmly believe that we are at our best when we are helping others, and when we work collaboratively in establishing an accepting, empathic, and authentic environment.

Office location: Main CAPS Building