Clinical/Professional Issues Seminar 

Weekly two hour seminar addressing relevant clinical and professional topics such as group process, multicultural competence/diversity issues, psychological assessment, and professional transitions (e.g., from student to intern and intern to postdoc). Interns also have the opportunity to present their clinical work via quarterly case presentations. 

Supervision of Supervision Seminar 

Weekly two hour seminar supporting the interns’ supervision work (from October through June, interns supervise doctoral-level practicum students from UCSB's graduate program in counseling and clinical psychology for one hour per week).

Multicultural Seminar 

Ninety minute weekly seminar fall through spring designed to promote exploration and growth by challenging our current understanding, increasing our awareness and adapting our approach to issues of diversity.

Consultation Seminar 

Semi-monthly meetings supporting the interns’ consultation/outreach work. Meetings are for discussions of ongoing consultation/outreach activities and for training in consultation. 

Clinical Consultation Team

Weekly meeting in which interns and supervisors consult about challenging clients and clinical issues. 

Triage Team

Weekly one hour meeting with triage staff to coordinate and consult about the triage process.

Diversity & Social Justice Seminar  (occasional or optional attendance)

Ninety minute weekly meeting in which staff consult about clients from underserved/marginalized populations and discuss issues related to diversity and social justice. 

Interpersonal Violence Seminar (occasional or optional attendance)

Weekly ninety minute meeting in which staff consult about cases involving some aspect of interpersonal violence (e.g., sexual assault, abuse/trauma). 

Staff Professional Development/Continuing Education

Occasional opportunities for continuing education. CAPS is an APA Approved continuing education provider, and staff members as well as outside speakers are invited to provide continuing education on a variety of clinical and professional issues.