Evaluation of psychology interns occurs quarterly. Staff members involved with the activities of each intern assess the intern’s performance along dimensions applicable to their area using such means as video recording review, discussion, and direct observation. Quarterly evaluation is conducted primarily for developmental purposes to guide the interns’ focus for their continuing growth and to provide them with extensive feedback on their work. Summary reports are sent to the interns’ departments in January/February; final evaluations are sent in August/September. In order to successfully pass the internship, interns must achieve the expected level of competency (‘3’ or higher) in all Profession-Wide Competencies across all training components (individual therapy, group, crisis intervention, psychological assessment, consultation/outreach, and supervision) on the final evaluations.  

Letters of Recommendation

CAPS staff members are frequently asked to provide letters of recommendation for interns seeking further training or professional positions following the completion internship. An intern’s request for professional recommendations or references from our staff will require an acceptance that these recommendations may include both areas of strength and areas for further growth. If an intern has any concerns about the information offered by any of our staff in the form of a recommendation or reference regarding performance, we encourage the intern to address these issues directly with that individual.