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Please enjoy the following recordings created by CAPS clinicians and Mental Health Peers. 

Deep Breathing

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Meditation for working through difficulties

Join one of CAPS Psychologists, Dr. Molly McDonald, as she guides you through a Meditation for working through difficulties and finding and observing inner strength. This practice focuses on giving your body what it needs, such as confidence, relaxation, and peace, while letting go of what it doesn’t need, such as tension, stress, self-doubt, and pain. Through relying on breath, you can discover and recognize the calm and strength within yourself.

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Mindfulness Meditation

The practice of mindful meditation aims to develop a non-judgmental awareness of your body, breath, and thoughts. Incorporating mindful meditation into your daily routine has been backed by research, showing the numerous positive effects of, such as decreasing stress while increasing your ability to focus, cope with pain, and feel connected in your relationships. Join one of CAPS Psychologists, Dr. Danny Zamir, as he guides you through a mindful meditation.

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

Stress takes a toll on your body, causing an increase in muscle tension, blood pressure, heart rate. Through mindfully tensing and relaxing each muscle group, progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) releases this tension and brings an awareness to physical sensations. Join one of our CAPS Mental Health Peers, as she guides you through PMR.

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