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Let's Talk

The Let's Talk program provides a type of informal mental health consultation over the phone. Consultations are a helpful way to talk to someone at CAPS without committing to ongoing therapy or treatment. This is a confidential service and is covered through your student fees. In the event of an emergency or if you or someone you know is an imminent danger to themselves or someone else, go to the nearest emergency room or call 911. 

  •  Open to all currently registered UC Santa Barbara students
  •  Students who may not need ongoing counseling, but who could benefit from one-on-one support and consultation. 
  •  One-on-one 20-minute informal consultation with staff from UCSB Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS).
  •  No paperwork is required
  •  Gain insight about your concerns and information about other resources. 

Click on the Let's Talk button to see available times. Let's Talk sessions are released every afternoon for the following day. If there are no open sessions left or you are not able to schedule during the available times, you can also email  


  •  Let's Talk is an informal consultation only - not counseling. 
  •  Let's Talk conversations are not part of a student's releasable records.
  •  Although Let's Talk consultants are mental health professionals, these sessions do not constitute mental health treatment.
  •  When there is an immediate threat of harm to you or others, Let's Talk counselors are require by law to report this and enlist help to keep you and others safe. When a minor, elderly person, or someone otherwise incapacitated is being abused, Let's Talk consultants are also required by law to report this. 

The Let's Talk program is modeled in part on the Let's Talk program at Cornell University and has been utilized at many campuses around the country. We are indebted to our colleagues at Cornell for the name and idea; some of the material on their website has been duplicated here with permission.