Photo of Dr. Jessica Adams.


Counseling Psychology, The Ohio State University

El Centro

Hello and Welcome to UCSB CAPS!
You may have uncertainties about reaching out, and even wonder if your struggles are ‘bad enough’ to warrant therapy. You’re not alone in asking yourself these questions, many students do. I hope that if you’re experiencing distress, that you’ll reach out to us. My areas of focus include supporting BIPOC, first-generation students, and our undocumented student community. I have experience helping students who are struggling with adjustment and interpersonal concerns, depression and anxiety, or are dealing with trauma (including childhood abuse) and interpersonal violence. I’m a bicultural Puerto Rican therapist who is fluent in Spanish so if you’d like to speak in Spanish or a blend of English and Spanish 😊 that is an option. I bring a cultural sensitivity to my work. College brings incredible growth but you’ll inevitably face many stressors, which can throw you off balance and the stress can pile on to the point of feeling very overwhelmed. Becoming overly anxious or depressed are common experiences for many college students. Therapy can be that safe space where you can take a moment to self-reflect and figure out a healthy pathway forward. The strategies and therapeutic tools that you can gain from therapy will help you regain your equilibrium. I would be honored to help you on your healing and well-being journey guiding you to a greater sense of ease, connection to yourself and others, and overall improved functioning in your personal and academic life.

Groups: Cultivating Resilience

Office location: El Centro

Languages: Spanish